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EGP 13,000.00

Super south African mastiff

Giza February 15, 2019 57 total views, 2 today

For any inquiries Feel free to contact me 01098798302


EGP 2,000.00

Puppies for sale

Giza February 15, 2019 64 total views, 1 today

We have male and female puppies…. they are very cute

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EGP 2,500.00

American bully extreme

Giza February 15, 2019 61 total views, 1 today

American bully extreme 2 months بنت بطل مصر ice man female

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EGP 4,500.00

Big Male Rottwiller Puppy 40 DAY

Giza February 11, 2019 34 total views, 2 today

Big Male Rottwiler Puppy 40 Dog

Jacques and girls

EGP 8,000.00


Giza February 11, 2019 19 total views, 0 today

I am selling a beautiful 1 year old Rottweiler and he is very pure. he had vaccinations, vet visits, Protection Trained at East Wind Kennel. […]

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EGP 4,500.00

Pure German Shepherd puppy

Giza February 11, 2019 35 total views, 0 today

Pure male German shepherd puppy 75 days old high quality long hair

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EGP 4,500.00

Siberian husky puppies 45 days for sale

Giza February 11, 2019 25 total views, 0 today

Pure Siberian husky puppies 45 days for sale vaccinated and dewarmed great bone structure available one grey male and the rest is females blue and […]

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EGP 7,500.00

Female Siberian Husky

Giza October 17, 2018 213 total views, 0 today

Female Siberian Husky, 50 days old, Black/white color, long hair/coat, with vaccination and documentation. Daughter of the infamous Rexy. She’s very cute, adorable, friendly, and […]


EGP 20,000.00

Pure Pedigree Dog shih Tzu

Giza October 17, 2018 56 total views, 0 today

Shih tzu femail 10 month her name is nana she is Spanish lived in Denmark , she is pure pedigree dog with her original certificate […]


EGP 3,000.00

Twins rare Griffon for sale

Giza October 1, 2018 281 total views, 1 today

Twins male and female lovely and beautiful Griffon puppies , 60 days , follow up cards at The British Hospital , both are friendly with […]


EGP 2,000.00

Pitbull puppies

Giza October 1, 2018 215 total views, 1 today


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