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EGP 2,000.00

Well Tamed Cheetah cubs

Worldwide February 15, 2019 89 total views, 0 today

Cheetahs need stimulation like any dog or cat would. Exercise is a staple to keep your Cheetah happy. Well known for being the fastest animal […]


EGP 1,500.00

Marmoset Monkeys

Qalyubia February 15, 2019 63 total views, 1 today

Very cute, social and lovely Marmoset Monkey are here! There are male and female available at this time. These puppies make excellent companions, are well […]

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EGP 1.00

Baby Marmoset monkeys for adoption.

Cairo February 11, 2019 70 total views, 1 today

Baby Marmoset monkeys for adoption. Marmosets are more like humans than any other animal. They are the closest to us on a genetic level. So […]


EGP 13,000.00

monkey babies and other primates

Cairo February 11, 2019 27 total views, 0 today

Currently, we are breeding Capuchin,Squirrel,Spider and Marmoset monkeys. Also available are Ring tailed lemurs and Chimps. All our monkeys are tamed,home raised,hand fed,very docile and […]

7177682-3x2-700x467 4

EGP 5,000.00

Adorable Cheetah Cubs|Lion Cubs|Tiger Cubs For Sale

Cairo October 1, 2018 689 total views, 0 today

Sale parrots-healthy and affordable tame kittens for sale We have very healthy and gorgeous cubs (white Tiger,Cheetah and Lion cubs) for sale now. We also […]

Alim and Mina 2

Well Tamed cheetah cubs,leopard cubs,lion cubs, Siberian and Bengal tiger cubs, Savannah and Bengal Kittens, Fennec fox for sale. We are breeders of a wide […]

white-lion-cub 3

Well Tamed cheetah cubs,leopard cubs,lion cubs, Siberian and Bengal tiger cubs, Savannah and Bengal Kittens, Fennec fox for sale. We are breeders of a wide […]


capuchin monkeys for sale.

Worldwide July 9, 2018 738 total views, 0 today

I am currently looking for a new home for my cute and adorable potty trained capuchin monkeys. They are Registered and current on all vaccinations.raised […]


Amazing Capuchin Monkey

Worldwide July 9, 2018 209 total views, 0 today

Monkey that will make a perfect addition to your home. She is up to date on shots and she is vet checked .Top quality monkeys, […]

259878 3

EGP 2,000.00

We have serval , caracal and Savannah kittens available

Alexandria July 3, 2018 797 total views, 1 today

We have Serval kittens, Savannah F1 and caracal ocelot kittens. They are very beautiful, vaccinated, socialized, bottled and all our kittens go home with all […]

Alim, play time 4

Assalamualeikum my brothers and sister . we have home raised , playful , pure breed and adorable Tiger cubs, Cheetah cubs, Lion cubs, fennec fox […]


We are licensed breeders of big cats, and we currently have cubs of cheetah, tiger, white lion, leopard and panther all ready for sale at […]

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