10 Important Things To Do When You First Get Your New Puppy

Deciding to buy or adopt a puppy can be one of the most wonderful, exciting and fulfilling things that you will ever do, and watching your puppy grow, learn, thrive and come into their personality in front of you can be hugely rewarding. But leaving their dam and litter to go with you to a new home can also be rather daunting for the pup itself, and also, for their new owners too, as all of your time and consideration is likely to be dedicated to settling the pup in, making sure that they are comfortable, and start bonding with you. There is a lot to think about and remember during this time, as well as of course getting to know your new puppy and finding out about their likes, dislikes and personality- and it is a good idea to have a plan and list of things that you need to do and think about during this time too. Read on for our list of ten important things you should do when you first bring your new puppy home. Provide a quiet space for them While you will no doubt b…
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